Know what items aren't allowed inside BMS

Know what items aren't allowed inside BMS

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Race week kicks off Wednesday with the truck race at Bristol Motor Speedway. This weekend will be a busy one for racing fans, but do you know what is and isn't allowed in the track?

We learned that if your cooler is too big or you have too many bags, you'll be making a trip to the car or camper. There are also certain things not allowed inside the track.

Excitement is building up at the BMS and people are ready to get inside the track. But you might want to make sure the things you plan to bring in meet the requirements.

We spoke to race fan Gerry McDougall about the check-in process. "When you buy your tickets they have the requirements in the little booklet that you get. They make it easy before you even leave home," he said.

But what are some of the things that will get you turned away? "Coolers that are over 14 inches [are not allowed]. Everything has to be under 14 inches to get past the security checkpoint," said Kevin Berkley, BMS events manager.

Berkley tells us each person is only allowed to bring in one bag and one cooler. "If you walk up to the gate and you have a cooler and five or six bags that you've been shopping with, that's not going to get you through the gate," he explained.

Berkley says while beer and liquor are allowed, glass containers of any kind cannot come in. "If it's the plastic bottles that are out there now, that's great. Cans are great, just no jars of pickles, mayo, anything like that to make sandwiches," he said.

Another thing that isn't allowed: umbrellas. "Umbrellas are one of our biggest concerns," Berkley said. "There are no umbrellas allowed into the grandstands."

Another thing that is not allowed on the track are metal stadium seats.

Bristol, Tennessee police officer David Kirkpatick wants to encourage fans to leave the things they aren't taking in at home or locked in a camper. If you simply can't, he says you should, "Put any items in the trunk and not have anything that's in a place that can be seen. Also check and make sure your vehicle is locked."

Kirkpatrick tells us they will be doing patrols in parking lots and campgrounds before, during, and after the race. "That's one of the things we're looking for, people being in places they shouldn't be," he said.

Bristol police want to also encourage you to park in places that are well lit.

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