It's a long way to the top for many Minor League Baseball players hoping one day they'll get the chance to play in the MLB.

Many spend their summers away from home but some players get a little luckier than others.

"It's awesome. I love it," says Faye Ward, host mom.

Faye Ward from Kingsport has opened the doors to her home for the past three summers to Minor League ball players in Bristol.

This year, she says, is a little bit different because the eight guys staying with her come from all over the world.

"My name is Palmer Betts and I'm a pitcher from Georgia."

"I'm Trae Arbet. I'm from Temecula, California and my position is shortstop."

"I'm Jess Amedee and i'm a right handed pitcher from Fort Collins, Colorado."

"Eduardo Figueroa. I'm from [the] Dominican Republic. My position is center field."

"My name is Nathan Sopena. I'm from Chicago, Illinois and I play second and third."

"My name is Pablo. I'm from the Dominican Republic and the position I play is second base."

"My name is Hector. I'm from [the] Dominican Republic and I'm a pitcher."

"My name is Carlos Ozuna. I'm from [the] Dominican Republic."

Faye tells News 5 during Hurricane Katrina she let a family of eight stay at her home and she once fostered kids, and all of that lead to this.

Her grandson Payton lives right next door and he says these guys are like his brothers.

"I hope to grow up and be just like them," says Payton Stanley.

The boys stay at Faye's home free of charge. She does their grocery shopping, prepares their meals, does their laundry and cheers them on at every game. The guys say they couldn't be more thankful for everything she does.

"It's cool that we have support even though we're far away from our families," adds Sopena.

"I like being around all these guys and being around them everyday," says Amedee.

Faye says these boys are the ones that bring a smile to her face every day. "I'm just thankful that I got the opportunity to host them."

The Bristol Pirates are always looking for host families each summer. You can get in touch with them by visiting their website at