Most people head downtown to take care of business or to do some shopping.

But some people who live in Kingsport are making downtown their new home and Sunday their second-floor lofts were open to the public.

The Downtown Kingsport Association held its first holiday lofts tour.

Visitors got the chance tour several loft apartments that overlook downtown Kingsport.

Rob Beverly is putting the finishing touches on his loft.

He tells us his apartment is all about the experience and the convenience.

It's like a small community a lot the loft-dwellers down here I know and I’m very good friends with and you've got so many restaurants. So at the end of the day, you're within walking distance, a block or two, of food to eat. Just go for a walk downtown,” said Rob Beverly.

Beverly also has a short commute to work; he owns an art business on the first floor.