Kingsport City Schools expand tobacco-free policy

POSTED: 5:53 PM May 06 2013   UPDATED: 4:20 PM May 06 2013

Electronic smoking fails to gain support at one local school system.

A new Kingsport City School Board policy states adults on school grounds and on a school bus are not allowed to light up any products that produce smoke or vapors.  

This now officially includes electronic cigarettes, cigars or pipes.   

School officials said they wanted to include the clarification in their tobacco-free policy to remove any confusion. "We're not kind of 'cherry-picking' some things yes, some things, no. That it is more of a general broad expectation of our guests and our staff when they're on site," said Andy True, KCS spokesperson.

The policy states there is a no-smoking policy in the bleachers and within the fenced-in perimeters of the system's athletic fields.