King University science students tour Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Bristol, Tenn. - King University Science students along with Dr. Ray Bloomer, professor of Physics and Astronomy and associate dean for Arts and Sciences, and Dr. John Gilmer, associate professor of Chemistry travelled to Oak Ridge, Tenn.  In a press release, the university says they toured the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the largest science and energy national laboratory in the Department of Energy system. 

The tour included the supercomputer center,  which consists of approximately an acre of computers including the fastest computer in the world called Titan.  Students also viewed a simulation of the world's cloud and wind pattern as well as a 3-D representation of a proposed fusion facility that may be built in the next few years in France. 

The university says the students who participated in the tour were all science majors and have a general understanding of the terminology associated with the science taking place at Oak Ridge. Dr. Ray Bloomer says, "Hopefully, this visit will open students to potential career paths they may not have considered previously." 


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