King University freshmen move-in

BRISTOL, Tenn. - It's hard to believe summer is over and college students are already moving back in, and some, moving in for the very first time.

Saturday, King University freshmen stepped on campus for the first time as college students. Each year, the university holds a dedication ceremony on move-in day to recognize the freshmen, their parents and faculty. It's an event to encourage the freshmen as they start their college experience, and way to get them acclimated to campus and to meet other new students.

Vice President of Student Affairs, Robert Littleton says he's excited to see all the new faces.

"I think in terms of their success, the sooner they get adjusted the better," adds Littleton.

"I guess just kind of starting something new and starting over and kind of going at it completely fresh and just being able to see how I do," says freshmen Samuel Barker.

King University officially begins classes Monday at five p.m.

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