Kids learning a craft this summer

ABINGDON, Va. - Kids keep busy at 4-H during the summer with all kinds of projects to get into. We found a group at the Holston Mountain Artisans Annex learning all about the art and technique of carving.

Caution was the word of the day, but fun and maybe a life-long hobby was the objective. John Dickens, a carver with Holston Mountain Artisans tells us, "It's something that you can tell within 15 or 20 minutes with these kids whether they're going to enjoy it or not if they do they won't put it down the rest of their lives. It's something you get a lot of enjoyment with animals, turkeys, wolves, elk deer and all this stuff."

The teachers are members of a carving club that meets each week in Damascus, Virginia. They tell us they are always looking for new interested members.

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