Two dead in Kentucky shooting

HAZARD, Ky. - Two people are dead and a child is fighting for her life after a shooting on a community college campus in Hazard, Kentucky.

Police say they found the three victims in a parking lot. They say two were already dead, Caitlin Cornett and her uncle, Jackie Cornett. The third victim, that little girl, was also shot but still alive.

Authorities say at that point, the shooter was no where to be found. But, while securing campus, officers say the suspect, Dalton Stidham, turned himself in to Kentucky State Police.

Police say they're not sure what led to the shooting but do believe it is domestic. Stidham and one of the victims, Caitlin Cornett, had a child together. Authorities believe they were meeting in the parking lot of the college to hand off the child they had together. After the shooting, police say Stidham took the child back to his house before turning himself in.

We learned Caitlin Cornett was a student at the college.

The president said although it was a terrible situation, he was proud of the how the students and staff handled the lockdown.

Stidham is now charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

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