Jury finds man guilty of negligent homicide in 2005 case

POSTED: 6:07 AM Jul 23 2013   UPDATED: 5:43 PM Jul 23 2013

A New York man has been found guilty of negligent homicide in an eight-year-old murder case out of Kingsport.

A Sullivan County jury convicted Leslie Ware  Monday in the Sole Candle Shop murder case after two days of deliberations.

The prosecution says Ware shot Jeffrin Nolan and Terrence Alexander execution-style in 2005. They say the candle shop was a front for Nolan's cocaine business and that Ware and his co-defendants went there to kill and rob Nolan.

Prosecutors believe Alexander was a low-level cocaine dealer who was at the shop to buy drugs and was killed because he witnessed Nolan's murder.

The defense says co-defendants cut deals in exchange for testimony against Ware.

Sentencing for Leslie Ware is set for October 14.