After the video prosecutors played a recorded phone call between Potter and his wife, which said, "Before you find out from someone else I want you to know I was involved in it. I did it."

After a long lunch break court resumed with emails investigators found shredded in the back of Potter's truck. It took TBI Investigators a month to put the shredded documents back together and they reveal conversations that prosecutors feel will help their case.

During cross examination TBI Agent Scott Lott talked about the conversation he had with Potter. Lott stated, "He said he was involved, he did, but you never did find out how or what from him. He never did provide details."

The day wrapped with wittiness testimony from a friend of Billie Jean Hayworth who says she only had one enemy and that was Jenelle Potter, the daughter of the man on trial.

The trial could last through the week or longer.