Johnson City Shooting Suspect Appears In Court

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - There are new facts tonight about a Tuesday shooting in Johnson City that left a woman fighting for her life.

The suspect made his first appearance before a judge Wednesday afternoon. Eric Parker is accused of shooting a woman in her middle 20s early Tuesday morning in Lions Park near the Johnson City Country Club.

According to police the victim left Everett's Bar with Parker late Monday night.

According to the arrest warrant the victim was only wearing a shirt and tennis shoes when she was found. There was a belt around her neck and her hip was also dislocated. Condoms, beer cans and shell casings were found next to the body.

Police say they found more evidence linking Parker to the shooting in his car. "The search warrant executed on Parker's vehicle found inside the vehcile a 9mm handgun loaded with Marakov bullets and appeared to have blood on it," explained Robert Lincoln with the Washington County Sessions Court. "The victim's cell phone was stuffed udner the passenger's seat and there were trace amounts of blood throughout the vehicle."

Parker was appointed a public defender. He remains in jail on a $200,000 bond.

The victim was still in the hospital as of Wednesday evening.

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