The Johnson City Power Board (JCPB) recently launched an online outage mapping system that displays current outages within their service territory.

This new feature may be accessed by clicking here.

Additionally, users of JCPB's SmartHub iOS and Android mobile applications may view the map on their mobile phones and/or tablets.

The map offers users the ability to zoom in and out, alter its graphic display, and view current outages highlighted within any of the twelve zip codes comprising JCPB's service territory.

The map also features a key that numerically displays current outages within a given zip code along with totals for that area and the entire service territory.

JCPB CEO Jeff Dykes said, "This new outage map is a wonderful addition to the expanding list of services we offer our customers. Thanks to our adoption of advanced technologies, customers, media representatives, and anyone else are able to view the extent of an outage while it's happening, wherever they happen to be," he said.

JCPB's outage map's ability to display outage information in near real-time is made possible through the utility's advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).