Injured Virginia state trooper returns home

Injured trooper returns home

SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - The road to recovery for Virginia State Trooper Jamie Lawson could be a long one, but being home with family and friends will hopefully help move that recovery along.

Saturday was a day filled with many emotions when a helicopter made its way into Gate City. On board was Trooper Jamie Lawson, arriving back home after a lengthy hospital stay. "I'm just overwhelmed with joy. Two months is a really long time to be without your dad and not be able to see him as much as you usually do," said Lawson's daughter, Ashley Lawson.

Ashley is Trooper Lawson's daughter and his biggest fan. "I have full respect for my dad for doing his job," says Ashley Lawson.

Jamie Lawson was seriously injured after a suspect led police on a high speed chase April 9. In a split-second decision, Trooper Lawson rammed his car into a dump truck instead of hitting a tree, causing some severe injuries to himself. Click here to read more about the accident.

"You just never know [what could happen] when you leave home, and I'm an example of that," says Trooper Lawson.

He suffered a serious spinal cord injury that severely damaged his left arm and leg. Trooper Lawson was sent to the Shepherd Center, an Atlanta Rehabilitation Facility, and hasn't been home since the crash. "Whenever I first found out, it just really hit me hard. That's my dad and he's suppose to take care of me, but then I had to take care of him," says Ashley Lawson.

Now almost two months later, Trooper Lawson is back home. "You don't know how many friends you have until you see this," says Lawson about his homecoming.

Lawson says he's overwhelmed with the amount of support to welcome him home and he's proud to be a part of this community. "If you can't get motivated from seeing all this then it'll never happen, but it's going to happen. I will walk again without any devices and I believe that," he said.

Trooper Lawson wants to send a message to everyone. "Don't take things for granted. I did, but like I said, you never know when something will happen when you leave home," Lawson adds.

All of the proceeds from Saturday's benefit ride will go to Trooper Lawson and his family.

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