Injured Deputy Making Major Improvements

Deputy Gary Daugherty Vows To Return To Work

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Many say it's a miracle Gary Daugherty is alive. On January 2 the Washington County, Tennessee sheriff's deputy was hit by a speeding suspect's car.

His body was tossed his body more than 70 feet across a parking lot. ?The fact that he walked through that door after being hit at that rate of speed is a blessing," said physical therapist John Crowe.

We caught up with Deputy Daugherty during one of his physical therapy sessions. He goes to therapy three times a week; he pushes himself to the limit and after every visit his therapist says he seems to leave just a little stronger.

"It's the one time I can come here and feel like I make progress as I walk out the door," said Daugherty.

Daugherty spent nearly a month in the hospital and another two months in a wheelchair. He tells us it's the daily tasks that have been the biggest challenge over the last four months, but he says the community support has helped him make it through.

"I got deputies coming to my house doing chores, cutting the grass, things I can't do. Its motivation for me," said Daugherty.

It's that motivation that physical therapist John Crowe says is equating to his success. "He's a very self-driven individual. [It?s] easy for me to wind him up and watch him go,? said Crowe.

Deputy Daugherty still has another roadblock to clear before he can be back on patrol -- he has another surgery that will require a few months of therapy.

Daugherty says no matter what his doctors say is ahead, he'll meet it head on and he's not slowing down until he reaches his goal. "My goal is to be back on the road with the sheriff's department and be in better shape than when I left," said Daugherty.

Deputy Daugherty says he is still in quite a bit of pain, especially at the end of the day after one of his intense work out sessions. He hopes to be back on the job this fall.

As for the suspects in the car, the driver faces attempted murder charges. His passengers are all charged in connection with the home robbery that deputies were initially investigating.

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