Hydrofracking protests continue in Washington County, Virginia

ABINGDON, Va. - People continued to protest in Abingdon Saturday making it clear they don't want hydrofracking in Washington County, Virginia.

Hydrofracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of pumping chemical-laced water into the ground to open cracks in the rock, allowing natural gas to flow out. People are upset because they say the Board of Supervisors isn't listening to their requests to prevent hydrofracking.

Cindy Large says she came out Saturday because she feels it's important to educate people in the county.

"In a state that we pride ourselves on eco-tourism and our wonderful beautiful surroundings, we're selling it out to the gas companies so that they can do whatever they want to with [it]. It will be a mess," Large adds.

The Board of Supervisors did vote to pass the new ordinance on to the planning commission this past Tuesday. Large tells us there's about two weeks left until the final vote.

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