Hundreds attend free school supply event

BRISTOL, Va. - School supplies were handed out all over the region Saturday; in Bristol, Virginia they dedicated a day to having fun and getting ready for school.

Breedlove-Charles Park was lined with parents and kids enjoying the last few days of summer and to get school supplies for the 28th annual Day in the Park.

"I'm enjoying the day with my kids and seeing if I can get a book bag for my daughter," said parent Robyn Dobyne. "She's starting school this year and she's really excited."

Dobyne is a mom of two, she tells us in this economy it can be hard for parents to get all of the supplies their children need. "I know when I was growing up there were a lot of kids that couldn't even afford to get book bags, so this really helps out for those who couldn't afford to get stuff like this," adds Dobyne.

It's not just school supplies -- there were inflatable toys, a basketball tournament, and haircuts for people to get at the park. "We're out here to try to get these kids ready for school and let them have one more good day of summer," says organizer Harry Anderson.

Fourth-grader Nolan Sailor is excited about the upcoming year and he tells us there are a lot of supplies he needs. "We need to have four binders and it's just a bunch of stuff," adds Sailor.

Helping kids like Sailor get ready for school is exactly what this event is all about. "We just want to make sure every child has the same opportunity as we did growing up," says organizer Rex Henley.

All of the school supplies given out Saturday were donated from members of the community.

Organizers tell us they had 1,000 backpacks to give away.

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