How can you legally dispose of big items?


BRISTOL, Tenn. - UPDATE 5:45 p.m.: From time to time, the police will send us surveillance photos or videos to help them catch a suspect they're looking for.

Bristol, Tennessee officers sent this surveillance video to us today of the man dumping a mattress at Holston View Elementary School on April 18.

We put the video on our Facebook page, and hundreds of you responded. Click here to view the post.

Viewer Sabrina Deel wrote, "So what! That is so ridiculous! They need to focus on the real criminals!"

Viewer Denise Dula responded, "I am very disappointed in WCYB for thinking this was newsworthy."

Brett Gambrel wrote, "Better yet, do a segment on where people can go to dump their unwanted items. Some people really don't know where to go or who to call."

Well, we checked and found out that most cities allow residents to dump a large item like a mattress at the curb for pickup.

You will need to call your city public works department to find out when and how often they'll be able to pick them up.

County residents generally have to take those types of items to local landfills.

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Bristol, Tennessee Police want to find a man they say dumped a mattress on city property.

Officers released surveillance video showing a man in a white, 4-door pick-up truck pulling up to a dumpster at Holston View Elementary School on April 18.  

The man unloaded a mattress and took off, according to police.

If you know who could be responsible for dumping the mattress, call Officer Jody Camper at 423-989-5600.

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