Hotels staying busy due to weather

BRISTOL, Tenn. - "They're wrecking everywhere."
Jay Young's a truck driver carrying salt from Knoxville and he's had a hard time getting around on the roads.
"We left Knoxville, it was warm up there into Shady Valley and you couldn't get across the mountain, so we finally came back," says Young.

  Traffic was stopped, or at best, moving at a snail's pace throughout the day.
A lot of people didn't expect these bad road conditions and it's caused a lot of people to pull over to find a place to stay.
"Nobody expected it to lay on the road as wet as it was that quick, but it's got bad quick."

Days Inn Assistant Manager Deborah Watts tells News 5, a lot of weary travelers decided to check in, instead of staying out on the slippery interstate. "Busier than I expected it to be, we've had some calls come in, I've got a couple of buses coming in, drivers and things to stay," says Watts.
All in an effort to keep safe, with the winter weather we've been facing.
"We've been riding around for two hours trying to just get out of that mess over there and to get where we can get a room and wait for them to get the roads better," says Young.

   We found out hotels in Abingdon, Johnson City, and Norton were also busy Thursday night.
      We're told some places have a waiting list for people trying to find rooms.

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