Hospital conserves energy with light upgrades

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Bristol Regional Medical Center is conserving energy with a comprehensive lighting upgrade that will increase efficiency and provide valuable financial savings for the hospital.

In a press release, Wellmont Health System announced it has partnered with Energy Systems Group, a national company with an office in Johnson City, to design and implement the enhanced lighting system. It will feature the upgrade or replacement of about 8,000 light fixtures at Bristol Regional to a lower-wattage bulb and electronic ballasts. 

This combination provides increased illumination at a significantly lower annual operating cost.

The project will also include the installation of additional motion sensor controls, which will further reduce the amount of electrical lighting in areas that are not always occupied, such as conference rooms and mechanical and storage rooms.

Wellmont's Vice President of Facilities, Jim Moore, estimates these initiatives will conserve about 3 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year. The hospital says those savings are the equivalent of removing 4.7 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment and 441 vehicles from the road, he said.

Bristol Regional is investing $750,000 in this project, of which $276,000 will be provided by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Moore says the hospital will recoup its costs within about two and a half years.


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