Holston Habitat for Humanity builds new home for Campbell family

Bristol, Tenn. - The Holston Habitat for Humanity celebrates its 29th anniversary this year and Sunday they celebrated the unveiling of a new home for one Bristol, Tennessee family.

The new home, located on Rex Road took a little over four weeks to build. That's a total of 2600 hours by 150 volunteers.

Volunteer Joe Davis organized this build and says the Campbell family, who will move in, earned their new house.

"They applied to Habitat, were accepted and put in their 500 hours of what's known as sweat equity to enable them to be eligible for this house," says Davis.

But this house and property didn't always look like this.

"This was a dilapidated building here and it was donated by Wayne Deer. Deer gave the land, destroyed the old property and it not only helps this family, but it renews this neighborhood," adds Davis.

It also renews a sense of hope for the Campbell's. It's been a long process for them but Jennifer Campbell says it was well worth the wait.

"It's relaxing to know that my family is going to be in a place where they're not going to be sick because our old home had a lot of mold and things that were causing health issues," says Campbell.

Sunday's habitat dedication recognized all the volunteers who worked hard to build the house and the family got the chance to officially receive their new keys.

Jennifer says the volunteers are the one's who made this possible.

"The volunteers that came were amazing," says Campbell. "They were very skilled and all the love that they put into our home, I'll never forget."

And to give back to those who volunteered their time, Jennifer says she's going to pay it forward.

"I'm going to stay in the program and, even after my house is done, I'm going to assist other families to build their homes because I've enjoyed working with other people and giving back as well," says Campbell.

For more information about Holston Habitat for Humanity, you can visit their web site at

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