Holocaust survivor tells his story

Holocaust survivor tells his story

BRISTOL, Tenn. - For several years, King University has been hosting a speaker for their students with the help of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

This year's Holocaust survivor story was a bit different, considering Alfred Munzer was a mere infant when Nazi Germany began their extermination plan for Jewish people.

His family split their children into different homes in order to save them. It was a family friend that saved him while the rest of his family suffered in concentration camps.

Alfred Munzer's story of survival from the Holocaust differs from most, because in midst of all of the bombings and persecution he was born.

He told his King University listeners about being hidden and taken care of by an Indonesian family in the Netherlands. "First of all, they could have been arrested, even killed by the Nazis if found out. In fact, the house was searched several times. I was able to hide in the cellar. The other thing is they really had very few resources because I was there illegally and I had no ration cards," Munzer said.

His sisters, who hid with a Catholic family, ended up being deported to Auschwitz.

American soldiers liberated his parents, but not before they took refuge in a psychiatric hospital and then got deported to the camps.

Munzer is a second-generation survivor, and he continues to tell his story over and over again. "The story will continue to be told by the sons and daughters of people who have been through the Holocaust, but also by students just like the ones who listened to me today," he says.

And the hundred of thousands who visit the United States Holocaust Museum who brought Munzer to King University. "It's the third-most visited museum in Washington, which is really amazing. It's not at all what was expected and its very nice to see all these school children coming there day after day to learn this history and hopefully take away some of its lessons," he said.

Munzer has thrived as an adult by working as president of the medical staff at Washington Adventist Hospital in Maryland.

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