Historical marker unveiled at Tennessee Ernie Ford's birthplace

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The state of Tennessee is honoring one of Bristol's most famous residents, Tennessee Ernie Ford.

The Bristol Historical Association unveiled a historical marker given by the state that sits in front of Tennessee Ernie Ford's birthplace on Anderson Street.

You may remember Ford became famous as a singer and actor known by many as 'the Pea Picker' or 'Cousin Ernie'.

Members of the Bristol Historical Association told News 5 the marker is a way to honor a star who never forgot where he came from. "People need to understand that and realize that he was proud of where he came from, his roots, and they need to understand that he was a significant part of the music industry at that time," said Brenda Otis, chairperson of the Tennessee Ernie Ford Birthplace association.

The Tennessee Ernie Ford Birthplace also functions as a museum. The historical association hopes this will help attract more tourism to Bristol.

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