Wesley Miller with the Greeneville rescue squad gave us the following information:

"The call came in around 2:00 Thursday from somebody in the hiking party. Crews have been [at the scene] since then trying to rescue one hiker that is still stuck.

One hiker that was injured was able to walk out on his own and was treated at Laughlin Memorial Hospital in Greeneville with minor injures.

There is one hiker still stuck about 400 feet from the base of Margarette Falls, and we're told it's mostly rock.

Crews had some verbal contact with him around 2:00 a.m. Friday. The injured hiker said he had built a fire off and on. That was the last time they had contact with the hiker.

The hiker is in a t-shirt and shorts which is why crews are worrying about hypothermia.

Right now the weather isn't helping the search. A helicopter from the National Guard in North Carolina [is at the scene] and on standby for when the weather and fog clears.

Crews aren't sure how long it could take because of weather and terrain."