High school students make early Thanksgiving delivery

High school students make early Thanksgiving delivery

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A warm heart goes a long way in this frigid weather. That's the lesson some Tennessee High students learned as they delivered Thanksgiving baskets filled with the makings for the holiday meal.

They marked a new milestone in the 44-year tradition at the school.

The last of 105 Thanksgiving baskets are ready to delivered by a dedicated group of Tennessee High students. "It's been a tradition for 44 years. We had companies and all the staff helped out. We did 45 more baskets this year than we've ever done so we had no one on the waiting list," student council member Meg Leonard said.

They go out the back gate and hit the road as they make their deliveries on a cold morning.

Each basket is specifically made for each family on their list, whether a family of four or a family of 12. "This is my second year delivering, so I kind of knew what to expect, but people weren't ready for the entire basket they got. Their eyes just got so big. They didn't expect all the food they got," Meg says.

The students were also surprised at the response that they got during the delivery. "It made me feel really, really humble and just to be able to tell those families that they have food for Thanksgiving, and to be able to tell them to have a blessed holiday, it's wonderful. It's great. It warms your heart," council member Logan Smith said. The students needed that inner warmth as they drove and delivered the baskets on a cold morning.

It's the final payoff for the school as they have been preparing for this day for over a month now. "It really surprises you the situation people are in. You just have to humble yourself and it makes you feel good that you know that you have donated to these causes," Logan said.

All of the work, all of the organization and all of the good will and food distributed on this cold day are worth it in the end. "It takes lots and lots of effort from everyone helping. All the classes to get their money together. All the students are so generous with their donations. It is an amazing effort," Logan said.

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