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Our stations have created a special series entitled The Facts: Health Care in America. This project is a cooperative effort amongst all of our Bonten properties aimed at tackling this critically-important & timely topic.

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Special Health Care Reports

HIA Part 1

Part 1: History of health care laws in America

When President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law in 2010, it once again changed the way the healthcare industry operates in America.

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Part 2: Affordable Care Act: The basics you need to know

Americans are concerned about their health care. But they are confused by the new health care law. It's the nation's largest health care reform in a half-century.


Part 3: ACA effects on business

The Affordable Care Act has been raising some eyebrows in the business community across the country. So what are the effects on businesses -- small, and not so small -- and what changes are in store for our country's workers?


Part 4: Health care reform quality of care questioned

One of the strongest selling points for the Affordable Care Act is the promise to increase quality care for all Americans -- but quality means something different to one person than it means to another.

Part 5: Comparing Canada vs. U.S. health care systems

Curious how our new Affordable Care Act fares when compared to our neighbors to the north? Hear from experts who know how both systems work. We’ll show how some patients may be treated differently under each system.

Latest Health Care News

Ted Cruz to sign up for Affordable Care Act

Ted Cruz Obamacare

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz tells CNN that he will sign up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act -- a law he has been on a crusade to kill.

Affordable Care Act will cost less than thought

Signing up for Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act's price tag continues to fall. The president's landmark health reform law will cost $506 billion for the coming five fiscal years, according to updated projections from the Congressional Budget Office, released Monday.

ACA enrollees see refund delays

Man on street with Obamacare sign

The IRS is delaying the refunds of tens of thousands of Obamacare enrollees, said Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate.

President acknowledges health site problems

Boston woman with I love Obamacare on cast

President Barack Obama on Wednesday acknowledged that the Affordable Care Act website was too slow and too many people "have gotten stuck" in it, adding "I'm not happy about it."

Latest Health Care Video

Documents show White House health care worries

Obama touts health care law

Internal document reveal concerns the Obama administration has had about sticker shock and anger related to the health care exchanges.