Haunted maze offers familiar thrills

Bristol, Tenn. - What is it about his time of year that makes us want to get scared, on purpose? There are haunted houses and haunted forests and haunted this and that, but when it comes to scaring folks, its the movies that get us every time.

Theatre Bristol is using some of those movies to offer you a Halloween fright.

An empty stage in a dimly lit silent theatre is a bit eerie, but Theatre Bristol has come up with an idea to give you a bit of a scare during this Halloween season. They've taken an entire floor of their old building downtown and created a haunted maze with a particular theme.

"It's from movies. We actually have over 20 movie references this in the maze. Only the scariest movies. We tried to find the most iconic scary movies that we could find," Nora Beth Moran with the theatre said.

If the sets in each room don't get you, the many volunteers who've come forward to scare the patrons will. "We're working with about 40 volunteers, essentially actors. They're going to be playing different roles," says Spence Flagg with the theatre's board.

It's thousands of square feet dedicated to the fright of your life as a fundraiser for the theatre. "It has become our largest fundraisers. We try and make it the spookiest and most haunted place this side of the Mississippi," Flagg said.

The theatre youth advisory board did a lot of the work on this year's maze, and they advised those involved just what is scary. "They came up with a lot of different ideas that we hadn't originally thought of and of course they're young, so they know what's scary. It's harder to scare younger kids. I'm scared of everything but younger kids, you've got to try a little harder. They know what's scary," Moran said.

And so will you if you visit their little maze of horrors.

It opens this weekend and will be open from 7 p.m. to midnight each Friday and Saturday up until Halloween at their facilities next to the Paramount in downtown Bristol.

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