Hands-on conservation camp teaches students about environment

BRISTOL, Va. - Some local students spent the day learning to be good stewards of the environment.  They took part in a conservation camp at Sugar Hollow Park Wednesday.

The camp included third and fourth grade students from schools in Bristol, Virginia, Washington County, Virginia, as well as Bristol, Tennessee.

"We call it teaching nature in nature," said Keep Bristol Beautiful director Kathy Lowdermilk.  "We have 10 stations.  Children get to rotate through each station throughout the day.  Stations include litter, recycling, forestry, plants,and herbology."

Organizers tell us, there are several ways they teach students about the environment in ways the children will enjoy.

Watauga Elementary School student Cadence Baker told us what she learned.

"There's only .5% of water, fresh water, left in the world and we need it, animals, plants need it," Baker told us.

The conservation camp continues through Friday in the back recreation area.

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