Gubernatorial candidate visits Southwest Virginia

ABINGDON, Va. - Virginia elections are getting closer we're only 13 days away, and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli was in Abingdon Wednesday trying to get votes.

Cuccinelli met with supporters and people who were undecided about the election at Pop Ellis' Soda Shop and Grill. He tells us one question he was asked about the most was coal and what he was doing to help people in this region.

He tells us with less than a month until voters hit the polls, he's trying to stop by as many communities as possible to tell them what he stands for. "These state races, people pay attention late and we want to be able to answer their questions. There are a lot of lies going on out there on television ads by my opponent and I have to answer questions to people," says Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli also says he wants voter turnout to be high for the election, so he's encouraging people to get out and vote.

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