Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe in Bristol

BRISTOL, Va. - Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe stopped in Bristol, Va. on Saturday to speak with local party leaders and voters.

McAuliffe talked about expanding transportation between small towns in Virginia, which he said would help the coal industry.

He also told the small group that he wants to bring broadband to rural areas in Southwest Virginia to help business growth.

McAuliffe's speech focused primarily on state education.

"Why are we letting some of our best teachers go across the border to teach in Tennessee when we ought to keep them here?" he told the group. "So we have to get serious about that."

Raising teacher salaries will keep more educators in Virginia, he said.

McAuliffe also said he wants to get rid of S.O.L., or Standards of Learning, exams.

"So our teachers are teaching to tests and our students are learning how to memorize," McAuliffe said. "That's not developing the mind the way we need to do for those 21st Century technologies."

McAuliffe faces Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli and Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis on Election Day, Nov. 5.

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