Greene County Unveils Memorial For Tornado Victims

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - In Greene County there is now a monument dedicated to the people that lost their lives one year ago as a permanent reminder.

Eight roses and eight names, both in memory of the eight people that died in Greene and Washington Counties because of tornadoes last April. "God has healed much of this land. Look at how it looks today, just a year ago. God did heal it, and God will heal the hearts of those who were broke that day here," Representative Phil Roe said.

It's been a painful journey for everyone living in Greene County. But this memorial was also a celebration. "We're the state of volunteers and as we look through the weeks and past months on how God has blessed us with volunteers," said one speaker at the memorial.

Volunteers helped families like Edna Rambo, who is still thankful to this day for all the support she received. "Everybody was just going from house to house to see what they can do. You know, and see if they could find people." she said.

But this memorial also had bittersweet moments, especially for Mitchell Lewis, since his mother is one of the eight forever remembered. "Mama screamed my name I had about five seconds to get to her, we held hands. Our hands were together, our heads were together. My body going one way, hers the other," he said.

Even though it's been a devastating year, there's also been recovery. "When I'm dead and gone my kids can come and see, my grandkids, you know something will always be here," said Lewis.

Five tornadoes hit the Camp Creek community in Greene County. The storms left a 12-million dollar path of destruction and 239 people were hurt.

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