Memorial Day festivities went a few days over in the Tri-Cities.

May 30 is the historic date for Memorial Day.

Greeneville celebrates the original Memorial Day at the Andrew Johnson Cemetery every year.

Grady Barefield, Commander of American Legion Post 64, says they gather the community to honor their fallen heroes.

Barfield says, "We want to come together and honor all those that have given their ultimate sacrifice for our freedom privileges that we enjoy today."

Barefield, like many people in Greeneville, stresses that May 30 is the official Memorial Day.

"Sometimes we get wrapped up in our national memorial day being moved to the last Monday of the month in may, however, this May the 30th is the traditional day for us here and our community looks forward to coming and participating in this service every year," says Barefield.

Each cross standing in the ground symbolizes troops from Greene County that lost their lives fighting for our country.

Former Sergeant in the United States Military Stephanie Bowers says this is a chance to reflect on the history of our great nation.

"These soldiers, they volunteer to serve our country for a greater good and that spirit that they hold, they maintain, it becomes patriotism and that's the driving force of our nation right now," says Bowers.

Bowers says she's most thankful for the veterans that gave women the freedom to fight.

Bowers says, "Each one of these men and women that are buried in this cemetery right now they have fought for our freedom and one of those freedoms is for the first time in history to allow women to be able to fight on the front line."

It gives her pride knowing that those troops were the ones who gave her this opportunity.

After Friday's service, the former Forest Park in downtown Greeneville was renamed Veteran's Memorial Park.

Soon there will be a permanent veteran's memorial with the names of fallen soldiers from Greene County.