Gov. Haslam swears in two Hawkins County judges

POSTED: 5:50 PM Aug 14 2013

Two Hawkins County lawyers were sworn in Wednesday to a stately service.

Attorneys Mike Faulk, of Church Hill, and Douglas T. Jenkins, of Rogersville, took an oath of office given by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to serve the Third Judicial District.

Faulk was appointed by Haslam as Circuit Court Judge and Jenkins was appointed as Chancellor.

Governor Haslam told us it was their backgrounds that suited the men for these jobs. "They both have had outstanding legal careers. They both had ironically grown up on a farm, and they know the value of hard work. Mike had served in the state legislature and brought that. Doug's family had been involved serving politically as well, so I think they both brought the right life experience that will matter when they're on the bench," said Haslam.

We've learned Judge Faulk is filling retired Judge Kindall Lawson's spot on the bench, while Chancellor Jenkins replaces Judge Skip Freison.