Golf courses waiting for spring to start

Golf courses waiting for spring to start

BRISTOL, Va. - After a mild start, this winter turned cold and snowy. The weather switch turned what was a promising start to the new year into a bleak season for area golf courses.

It's a laid back day around the pro shop at Bristol's Clear Creek Golf Club. Wednesday is yet another day the course is closed due to weather. "It's March 6 and we've only been open one day for play," says general manger Casey Barnes.

Weather conditions made it too rough for golfers to hit the greens half of the month of February as well.

Officials say this winter is slicing in profits quickly. "It's pretty, nice, all white," says Barnes, "but we like to see it green. It means we are bringing in money."

This is a big change from how 2013 started. The first few days of the year brought more than 500 of golfers and renewed hopes for another year like last winter. "Last year was one of a kind," says Barnes. "It was real nice in January, February, and March."

Workers are using these days to catch up on a remodeling project around the bar and stocking merchandise for a shopping rush, which happens after tax returns start rolling in.

If the snow melts golfers could be sinking putts by Thursday afternoon. With temperatures in the 60s in the forecast, officials are hoping this weekend is a sign of spring.

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