Golf courses continue to clean up after storms

Golf courses continue to clean up after storms

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Trees and debris continue to litter the courses, but we've learned play continues.

Mother Nature has not been easy on area golf courses. Plenty of rainfall mixed with stormy weather is leaving behind a mess.

"We have probably 13 trees down, [and there's] brush everywhere. It's been a big project actually," says Tri-Cities Golf Course Superintendent Tim Agett.

Tri-Cities crews have moved the debris so golfers can still play, but there is still a long way to go to get this course back in shape. "We've got it all out of the way to where they can play, but we've still got stuff in some of the rough areas that we're trying to get picked up. We're probably looking at a couple more weeks at least," adds Agett.

The story is the same at Steele Creek Golf Course in Bristol, Tennessee.

During last week's storms more than a dozen trees fell, causing so much damage the course had to close last Friday. "We spent the entire day [working] Friday. Chainsaws buzzing, wood chippers chipping and taking care of all of the trees that were down," says Recreation Superintendent Mike Musick.

The trees are out of the way of golfers, but they may be leaving their mark on the course's bottom line. "When we had to close Friday it took a little bit of a hit on the financial side of things as well," adds Musick.

Now the course managers are hoping Mother Nature is a little easier on them the remaining summer months.

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