Funding crisis at the Crisis Center

Crisis Center

BRISTOL, Va. - One local organization is finding themselves in a bind that could cause them to close their doors.

The Crisis Center of Bristol works to help everyone in the community, even if it is just a simple phone call.

"They're always real nice and they always call and check in on me," said client Roger Wilson.

"We view our job as a support to help carry them through by finding whatever they need in that particular moment to alleviate some of the crisis," said Executive Director Katherine Campbell.

However, just like any organization, it takes money to fund it and Campbell tells me a lot of the funding for the programs is paid for by the state. "They have been funded by state grants for the most part," said Campbell.

News 5 learned that one chunk of funding they depended on has not been renewed for 2013. The United Way has been a partner with the Crisis Center for many years and said that it was a tough move to cut their funding. "It was a very difficult decision for us at United Way in Bristol to make that decision not to allocate funds to the Crisis Center for their three programs for next year," said the United Way's Evaluations and Allocations Chair, Dawn Figueiras.

Figueiras says that it was an act of tough love. We learned the board members and staff at the Crisis Center was turning over consistently, which made the United Way nervous. "That led to what we felt were some leadership issues that needed to be addressed," said Figueiras.

The Crisis Center has been working hard to fix the in-house issues and Campbell says it was a blessing in disguise, allowing them to see their strengths and weaknesses. "While it's scary, it's also very, very exciting to move through this transformation process so we can be better than we ever were before," said Campbell.

Campbell says they are reaching out to the community to help so they can hopefully keep their doors open for another 40 years.

If you would like more information on how you can help the crisis center then you can contact them at (276) 466-2218.

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