A fuel truck in Rosedale, Virginia spilled five to ten gallons of gasoline in a gas station parking lot last night.

The Belfast-Rosedale Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency  Management were called to Valero FasMart in Rosedale, Virginia at 10:39p.m.

According to Russell County emergency management and hazardous materials coordinator Jess Powers, a truck driver connected the truck's hose to pump gasoline into the underground storage tank, when he notice that product was spraying from the coupler.

Powers said the truck driver immediately stopped pumping the product, disconnected the hose, used pads to cleanup the spill, and estimated that 5 to 10 gallons of product had leaked from the coupler and the hose.

Crews used approximately 200 oil absorbing pads to remove the gasoline from the parking lot and from a nearby storm drain.