Free test could be a life-saver

State, CDC push online assessment

POSTED: 3:15 PM May 14 2013
Hepatitis C

The state of Tennessee is encouraging residents to take part in a free five-minute test that could end up saving your life.

The test is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and assesses your risk for having hepatitis C, a potentially deadly virus that seems to strike baby boomers most.

The CDC says three out of every four hepatitis-related deaths is among "boomers" who contracted the disease earlier in life through blood transfusions, sharing needles or other drug paraphernalia.

The agency says it is critical that all baby boomers check their risk, because millions of them may have it.

There are three kinds of hepatitis, each with different causes and outcomes. Here is how the CDC describes each:

To take the online assessment and determine your risk, visit

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