Free energy upgrade to homeowners who qualify

Bristol, TENN. -      Residents of Bristol, Tennessee have an opportunity to get free upgrades to make their home more energy efficient.

More than one hundred applicants waiting to hear if they will receive financial assistance to make their home more energy efficient. Director of Economic and Community Development Shari Brown says the money stems from the Clean Air Act,  a 2010 emissions lawsuit by the former King Pharmaceuticals.

     Shari Brown, Director of Economic and Community Development says, "Around $600,000 in funds had to come back to the Bristol area to be used for energy efficiency in upgrades."

     We learned the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation will be in town Tuesday to officially announce the program.
He will also be there to present the city with a check for the funds of the program.
The department will partner with Bristol Tennessee essential services to do an energy audit for each applicant's home.

     To apply, call the office of economic and community development at 276-989-5514. There will also be a Tennessee Department of Enviroment & Conservation Energy Efficiency Program Presentation at 10 AM Tuesday morning. The address for the meeting at Anderson Park is found below:

Anderson Park

341 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Bristol, TN 37620

(Rain location is at Slater Center 325 McDowell St.)


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