Fox Tri-Cities Now Broadcasting In New Areas

BRISTOL, Va. - DirecTV has corrected the problem with the WEMT signal. You should be able to view the station normally.

Big news for viewers of FOX Tri-Cities, WEMT-TV -- more viewers will now be able to watch hit shows like ?American Idol?, ?House?, and NFL Football on FOX Tri-Cities.

The station has a new transmitter atop Holston Mountain, which will enable viewers who previously did not receive an over-the-air FOX signal, to now see the station. Previously the WEMT transmission tower was in Greeneville, Tennessee.

If you receive FOX Tri-Cities over the air that means you may gain the signal, or in some cases, you could lose the signal.

For viewers in the western part of our viewing area, you may lose the signal. We encourage you to tune in the FOX station in Knoxville for FOX programming. For over-the-air viewers in Southwest VA and east of the Tri-Cities, you should gain the signal.

The change from old transmitter to new took place Tuesday morning at about 10 a.m. To make sure you get the best over-the-air signal of FOX Tri-Cities, here are some suggestions:

If you have an antenna to receive the signal over-the-air, you should turn the antenna toward Holston Mountain which is southeast of Bristol, northeast of Johnson City.

You should also rescan your television. This is done in most cases by your television's remote control device. Click on the ?menu? and search for channel rescan. Rescanning will allow your TV to pick up the signal if it has not before.

Click here for more information on how to scan your television from the FCC.

Jim McKernan is the General Manager of WCYB-TV, who provides services to WEMT-TV. He says the change follows months of planning, work and considerable costs to FOX Tri-Cities. "Our company believes in serving our local markets with changing technology," McKernan said. "This brings FOX Tri-Cities news and programming to a group of television households in the region previously underserved for technical reasons. Our substantial financial and manpower investment enhances the viewing potential of the station."

In addition to FOX prime-time programming, FOX Tri-Cities also offers viewers the only 10 p.m. newscast in the Bristol-Kingsport-Johnson City television market.

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