Former Police Officer Accuses Chief Of Official Misconduct

Kingsport, TN - There are some serious accusations against a local police chief.

We've learned a former Kingsport police officer is the source of the information sent to the District Attorney's Office and city officials.

Kingsport Mayor Dennis Phillips says Police Chief Gale Osborne is accused of official misconduct in an email from that officer.

The email was sent to Kingsport City Officials and District Attorney Barry Staubus.

They showed us the email and says it claims the police chief used city personnel, equipment and facilities to move and house personal belongings from the chief's rental property.

Phillips asked Staubus to conduct an independent investigation. They tell us the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the accusations.

We tried to contact Chief Osborne but were told he is out of town. We will continue to try and get his reaction to the accusations.

Again, these are just accusations at this point. Chief Gale Osborne has not been charged with any crimes.

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