Former DB Indian to play in the Super Bowl

David and Barbara Kilgore are two proud parents, and with good reason. Their son Daniel is going to the Super Bowl.


Barbara Kilgore said, "It is unbelievable that this is just his second year in professional football and he is going to playing in the Super Bowl."


Kilgore plays for the 49ers but his parents say he played a lot of football before San Francisco.

It all started at age six. Kilgore played for a local pee-wee league. He says his goal then was to be a Dobyns-Bennett Indian.


"We always told him that he could go as far as he wanted to go, that it was up to him," said Mrs. Kilgore.


Daniel's high school coach Graham Clark says he is very proud, "I love watching them put him in running back and slide him in motion; this big ole lineman and put him in motion it's a dream come true getting to play running back in short yardage situations."


When Kilgore was younger his youth group at church held Super Bowl viewing parties, and this year that same group will be watching him.


Mr. and Mrs. Kilgore say it is just a surreal feeling to watch their son.


Daniel says he is proud of where he is from, "I'm just glad that somebody from East Tenn. is going to be in the Super Bowl and kind of give the people from East Tenn. something to be proud of."

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