Former Air Force One flight steward reflects on loss of JFK

ABINGDON, Va. - Fifty years ago President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas as his motorcade drove through Dealey Plaza.

One local man has a unique perspective on President Kennedy and the events surrounding of his assignation.

Had he not been on vacation at the time, John Burson would have been on the president's plane that landed in Dallas 50 years ago today.

At the time, he was an Air Force flight steward for Air Force One.

His thoughts on this day are not on what was but what might have been.

"I think that he would have done a lot of good things for America," said John Burson. "I think he had a lot of wonderful ideas for America. It's just that everything was stopped short and it was such a shame."

Burson is retired and lives with his wife in Abingdon.

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