Football players prepare to deal with heat

POSTED: 4:54 AM Dec 24 2013   UPDATED: 5:48 PM Aug 30 2013

Friday night, high school football teams from across our area hit the gridiron for their games and they'll deal with very hot and humid temperatures.

We were at Science Hill high school in Johnson City Friday. Their football team was taking precautions before taking to the field.

When Science Hill plays Elizabethton, they'll be on field turf, instead of grass, which we're told is 10 degrees hotter. "I think you have to watch your kids make sure they get proper rest. A lot of times it's hard to monitor kids in the game. Make sure you get them rest and make sure they get hydrated before they get out there," said Science Hill football coach Stacy Carter.

Coaches and athletic trainers will have extra water and sports drinks on hand and will keep a close watch for players who may be getting too hot.