Food saftey during power outages

One of the biggest worries many people have during a power outage is about the food in their refrigerator. 

 We checked with the Sullivan County Health Department about power outages and food safety. Employees there say if your power goes out try to keep door on the refrigerator closed as much as possible to try to keep the cold air inside.

We learned food should never be tasted to determine if it's safe.

If certain food items reach a temperature warmer than 40 degrees for at least two hours, it needs to be thrown out.

Glenda Bobalick is the Executive Director with the American Red Cross in Kingsport. She tells us, "If you have some ice chests, even the inexpensive ones, you can put your perishable food in that and pack it with ice."

The government has a website about food safety. To learn more visit


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