Fireworks safety tips

POSTED: 4:45 PM Jun 29 2013   UPDATED: 5:17 PM Jun 29 2013
fireworks safety

Fourth of July is right around the corner and fireworks stands are popping up all over, but law enforcement want to remind you of a few safety tips before lighting them up.

No matter the type of fireworks you buy, Glade Spring Lifesaving Crew member Dave McConnell says you need to check your surroundings before you light anything.

He also says to make sure you have an area away from trees and your home. McConnell encourages anyone who uses sparklers to keep a lot of distance between you and other people. "The ones that you light on the ground, they do shoot up two or three feet so make sure you stay back away from them after they're lit," adds McConnell.  

McConnell also stresses how important it is for parents to watch their kids even if they are only using sparklers.