Final tallies in the Sullivan County election

POSTED: 10:14 PM May 21 2013   UPDATED: 5:50 PM May 22 2013

Following are the final vote counts for the Sullivan County election held on May 21, 2013.

City Of Bristol

Councilman, East District
Don Evans: 4.37%
Chad Keen: 47.37% (W)
Morgan Packard Lorio: 19.80%
Joel D. Staton: 28.47%

Councilman, South District
Margaret Feierabend: 35.45% (W)
Vince Turner: 29.45%
Jack Young: 35.09%

Councilman, West District
Lea Powers: 63.16% (W)

David Shumaker: 36.84%

Board of Education, East District
Kelly I. Buskell III: 12.76%
Gwen Ellis: 41.99%
Jill M. Harrison: 45.25% (W)

Board of Education, South District
Nelson Pyle: 100% (W)

Board of Education, West District
Jim N. Butcher: 100% (W)

City Of Kingsport

Gary Lane: 42.80%
Dennis R. Phillips: 57.20% (W)

Linda D. Buckles: 17.48%
John Clark: 24.16% (W)
Colette George: 21.59% (W)
Eric Kerney: 14.32%
Tom Parham: 22.45% (W)

Board of Education
Andy King: 49.70% (W)
Carrie C. Upshaw: 50.30% (W)

City Of Bluff City

Lon Gene Leonard: 43.55%
Irene Wells: 56.45% (W)

Richard Bowling: 30.73% (W)
Ray Harrington: 39.45% (W)
Robert Miller: 29.82%