Film crew in town for the Birth Place of Country Music Museum

BRISTOL, Va. - Bristol had film crews of its own on State Street Wednesday evening.

Crews have been in Bristol shooting and recreating some of the 1920's Sessions. The executive director of Bristol Birthplace of Country Music Leah Ross says musicians have been brought in to help.

Crews have been filming in the old Hayes Furniture building and on State Street.

Ross says everything they're filming will be put together in a short clip that will be played at the museum once it opens. "All of the audio and video you will be seeing in the museum, that talks about our heritage, that talks about the Sessions, talks about all the things going on in Bristol -- not just music, but how important the train station and others were back in those days," adds Ross.

Ross says crews have been in Bristol several times filming for the museum. They are expected to wrap up this shoot late Wednesday night.

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