Few winter weather supplies still on shelves

Winter weather supplies low

BRISTOL, Va. - As the snowy winter weather sets in across the Tri-Cities, some people may be looking for heaters, salt to clear their driveway, or snow shovels, but they may not have any luck.

Roads are getting covered in snow across the Tri-Cities. Inside the Lowes in Bristol, Virginia, the only sign winter is still here are a few shovels, sleds, and generators left behind. "You just can't find them anywhere. They're all sold out," says Phillip Newton.

Newton is one of many people who are trying to get ready for winter weather. He tells us he was looking for space heaters for his home in case the power goes out. "Ice breaks the trees and they fall on the power lines, and it just knocks out the power," he said.

Newton says he's searched several different stores but gets the same message -- 'we're sold out.' "All of our heaters are gone. We're not going to get any more ice melt. There are a few snow shovels left. We do have a few generators, here but they are going quick as well," says JD Horton with Lowes.

Horton tells us even though the majority of their supplies are sold out, they aren't getting any new shipments in because it's so close to spring. "When you go from not having the demand from last year to more this year, then they run short for every Lowes and every other retailer," he explained.

Roy Barlow, manager of Country Boy Seed, tells us they have no more salt, but they have something that works just as well as salt -- it's a fertilizer mixture called 'pot ash.' "This will work down to sub-zero temperatures. It's always better if you pre-treat ahead of time. You put it down just like you would rock salt or any other ice melt, it's no different," he said.

We learned it breaks up the ice and snow. "Its concrete-safe, it's environmentally safe. It won't hurt your grass or your pets," he said.

Meanwhile, Phillip Newton tells us the shelves are cleared everywhere as people brace for yet another round of winter weather. "All the food and everything is gone. Everyone is packing up for the apocalypse, it looks like," he said.

Horton tells us if you plan to use a generator in the event of a power outage, make sure to leave it outside; because they can put off carbon monoxide. He also says to be sure you're not overusing the generator, because it could cause a fire.

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