‘Farewell to Johnny' live broadcast up on Paramount's marquee

BRISTOL, Tenn. - We are less than a month away from the last broadcast of our beloved anchorman, Johnny Wood, and the Paramount is preparing.

Monday morning they changed the marquee and decorated their window to advertise the live broadcast.      

Those at the Paramount said hosting this show in their theater is going to be a tremendous moment. "We've come to love everyone over at WCYB and working with them. So, I think for us it's going to be sort of a great homecoming gathering of friends and also for this wonderful occasion," said Sharon Flake, the Paramount's promotions director.

Again, that show will be live at the Paramount. It's December 21st at noon, and doors open at 11:00 that morning.     

Tickets are free, and you can pick them up at the Paramount box office or here at WCYB.

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