Famous painter tours Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Famous painter tours BCM Museum

BRISTOL, Va. - World-renowned artist P. Buckley Moss has been lending her support through her artworks to Bristol's musical heritage since 2010.

She was back in the region Friday to promote one of her paintings in Kingsport.

But first, she stopped to have a look at the progress of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol. Soon she'll be helping the museum, one brush stroke at a time.

It's the first thing you see when you enter the offices of the Birthplace of Country Music Association -- three P. Buckley Moss prints surrounding the unique musical heritage of Bristol.

In each one it seems she has captured the essence of the Bristol Rhythm & Roots festival and what makes the city what it is. "When you're painting you think about being at the concert. You think about being there with people. You think about the songs and you try to pull of that into a painting," the artist says.

And she has done just that with three of her paintings, "Music on State Street" from 2010, "Jammin' on Piedmont" from 2011, and "Music at the Mural" in 2012.

Now she's looking for new inspiration with a tour of the continuing construction of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. She takes in every word of the dreams that are finally becoming a reality.

More than just the walls and future plans, it's the conversation that inspires her. "The more we talk about it, the better. It just fills my head with ideas and the ideas start right away. They start as soon as you start talking about it," she said.

But her tour and all that talk will become yet a new print to help fund the museum and the musical heritage that is uniquely Bristol. "I would like to do a painting of it next spring and hopefully have it done for the opening to have a fundraiser to help with the Country Music Museum. I think it is so important," she announced.

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